San Juan Mountains, Colorado
Pink Paintbrush in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado



Hi, I’m Debbie Devereaux, and I must confess that I have a serious flower addiction. Growing and photographing unique blooms has been my creative outlet for the past fifteen years. So, when the pandemic hit, I retreated to the garden, hands in the dirt, my happy place. I thought I’d start one new bed of flowers while everything blew over, well, that turned into 5 beds, then 9, and so the flower farm was born.



No-till, no tractor, no pesticides. I strive to provide a chemical-free habitat for pollinators and wildlife. I weave native plants, bulbs, perennials, herbs, and annuals together with a few vegetables scattered about. The pollinators love this random plant recipe that mimics nature. I have embraced regenerative agriculture practices with the goal to maintain healthy soil that nourishes the land.



THE FARM NAME {Pink Paintbrush}

I named the farm after my favorite mountain wildflower, pink paintbrush (Castilleja rhexiifolia). Viewing a mountainside of pink paintbrush is what inspired me to move to Colorado. I’ve been fortunate to call the Rocky Mountains home for 25 years. To this day, during wildflower season, you can find me on local hiking trails photographing wildflower-filled mountain meadows with an ear-to-ear smile. See my wildflowers adventures on IG.


In addition to growing specialty flowers, I am the founder/editor of Durango Wedding Magazine and Luxe Mountain Weddings. I am also a certified Colorado Master Gardener and native plant specialist.


I invite you to follow my flower farming journey on Instagram. 



“Flowers rise after the rain and are more beautiful than before the storm began.”

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