Amaryllis Flowers | Pink Paintbrush Flower Farm | Dolores Colorado 




Place your container in a warm, sunny spot (such as a south-facing window) in your home. Amaryllis are happiest in 70-80 F temperatures with lots of bright light.


Turn the pot periodically to encourage the flower stalks to grow straight.


Water ONLY when the top inch of soil is dry. Watering too often will cause the bulb to rot.


Once your amaryllis begins to bloom, move the pot OUT of direct sunlight. This will extend the life of each bloom.


As each bloom fades, snip it off close to the stalk to encourage more blooms.


When there are no more buds on a stem, cut off that entire stem 1” above the bulb. Don’t cut off any leaves.


Amaryllis blooming at Pink Paintbrush Flower Farm + Florist



Once your Amaryllis has finished blooming, set it back in your sunniest spot. Water only when the top inch of soil is dry.

Fertilize once per month with any water-soluble fertilizer.

In June, set the container outside in full to part sun for the rest of the summer. The goal is to encourage your bulb to grow big, strong leaves, which creates a BIG, healthy bulb. The bigger the bulb, the more flowers it will produce.

Some bulbs may flower again in summer!

In September, before the first frost, cut off ALL the foliage just above the bulb, bring the pot indoors, and place it in a cool (50-60F) dark place (garage/basement) for 8-10 weeks.

DO NOT WATER AT ALL DURING THIS TIME. Amaryllis must go through a dormant period to develop flower buds inside the bulb.

After 8-10 weeks, bring it inside, place it by a sunny window, and wait for it to bloom again.